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New generation for 3D cell culture! Ideal for new drug screening

Cellbed (3D cell culture scaffold made of highly pure silica)



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High purity silica fiber 3D cell culture scaffold.

Possible to achieve higher density and 3D cell culture of different form from the existing scaffold.

Higher expression of cell function by 3D cell culture (Albumin expression).

High stability and easy to handle.

High cell adherence and easy to change medium.




 The below process is for cell culture of HepG2 which is cell line derived from human hepatocyte cancer.

1) Add 500μL/well of culture medium and shake the plate for blending a scaffold.

2) Prepare the cell suspension at 1 x 106 cells/mL. Seed this suspension into the 500μL/well at the center of the Cellbed, using a circular motion (e.g.,③).

3) Do not shake the plate for about 3 hours after seeding.
4) After 2 days transfer the Cellbed to other well containig fresh culture medium. Exchange culture medium every 2 days.
5) After 7 days from seeding, start research or observation depending on your purpose. 

This product is for in vitro research use only. It is not intended for use in therapeutic or diagnostic procedures for humans or animals. Also, do not use this product in food, cosmetic, or household applications.

This product may not be resold or transferred, modified for resale or transfer, or used to manufacture commercial products.

These results are not guaranteed and are dependent on certain terms and condition. In case of using different type of cells besides HepG2, adjustment of the cell culture condition is necessary.

Pre-tests of cell culture using ordinary cell lines are strongly recommended before starting to use precious cells.

This product is utilized "Nunc" well plate from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

As for any inquiry for this product, please contact to Japan Vilene Company, Ltd. Central Research Laboratory, who is producing this product. 

(Please use this Inquiry Form.)


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